Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we answered...


Why choose to be in chorus?​

Being in chorus gives students the opportunity to grow as individuals, while also working as a team! Students get to learn about singing, reading music, listening to music, and performing.

Do you need prior experience to join chorus?​

You do not have to have any prior musical experience to join chorus. There are beginners at all levels!

Does being in chorus involve giving a lot of time outside of the school day?​

While we do have a handful of mandatory performances each year, students will not have to give much time outside of school to chorus. Chorus takes place during the school day, and notice will be given for performances that take place outside of class time.

Is there a required uniform for performances?​

There is a required uniform for performances, which is to wear concert black. There are many options as to how to obtain a proper uniform. Ask your teacher if you need additional help! *As there are no scheduled performances at this time, no one is required to purchase anything at this time.

Can I be in chorus and still participate in sports?​

Yes! Because chorus takes place during the day, it will not impact practices or games. We will work with the athletic department to avoid scheduling conflicts with performances.

What if I would like to participate in extracurricular events?​

There are lots of opportunities for students who are interested in gaining more choral experiences! Details of these events will be shared by teachers throughout the year.

What if I, a parent, want to be involved in the booster club?​

We would love to have you! Please visit our Booster tab on the left side of the screen for more details on how you can be involved.

Can I be in chorus and in band?​

Yes! We love sharing students with band and work very well together to avoid scheduling conflicts with performances.

What do my chorus dues and fundraiser profits go toward?

All fundraising and dues paid towards the chorus go straight back to help the students! This helps cover the cost of sheet music, class equipment, concert fees such as accompanists and venues, and anything else needed by the chorus.